farah alvin in tree pose

Meet Farah

Hi. I’m Farah and I’ve been helping clients achieve their best, most vibrant health for over a decade. After a long and winding road to my own personal health, I became a certified Holistic Health Coach and Vinyasa yoga teacher. I believe every body is different and so there can be no “one size fits all” diet. I believe it’s possible to fit healthy, body supportive choices into any lifestyle. I believe that food can be sustainable for the planet and your body and be delicious all at the same time. And I believe that you can change the way you feel about your body so that you can do all the things you want to do with it.

Whatever your health issue, I want to work with you. I have experienced the powerful effect that food and our relationship to it has on our well being. I specialize in digestive disorders and women’s reproductive health. But whatever your health issue, I want to work with you. I have worked with people seeking help for all kinds of problems. Nourishing your body can make an extraordinary transformation in your life. I can help you navigate the very confusing terrain of nutrition information and find the right diet for you.

What if food could become your friend and not your enemy? Let’s get started today with a free consultation!