What if food could become your friend and not your enemy? What if your body is trying to tell you how to heal? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel vibrant, thriving and fully alive in the skin you’re in? What if you had an expert in your corner to help dispel all the myths, questions and misinformation you have about food and nutrition? I’m Farah and I’m here to help you with all of that so you can live your best life. This space is not about trying to look a certain way. It’s about feeling amazing inside and out by changing your relationship to food. By getting nourished! Let’s get started today with a free consultation. 

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April 16, 2021

Something’s gotta give

Lately, I have been attracting a lot of clients who are having an extremely difficult time prioritizing their health while the world seems to be falling apart. Between jobs being remote or non-existent, forced distance from loved ones, children being home schooled and the ever present fear of contracting corona virus despite all best efforts, […]
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Meet Farah

Hi. I’m Farah and I’ve been helping clients achieve their best, most vibrant health for over a decade. After a long and winding road to my own personal health, I became a certified Holistic Health Coach and Vinyasa yoga teacher. I believe every body is different and so there can be no “one size fits all” diet. I believe it’s possible to fit healthy, body supportive choices into any lifestyle. I believe that food can be sustainable for the planet and your body and be delicious all at the same time. And I believe that you can change the way you feel about your body so that you can do all the things you want to do with it.

What if food could become your friend and not your enemy? Let’s get started today with a free consultation



  • Because I am the pickiest eater on the planet, I was a bit reluctant to see what Farah would have me eat. I was surprised and thrilled that her plan for me slowly introduced me to new foods, and allowed me to wean myself off of those that were not good for me.
    — Ashley
  • At times she acted as my nutritionist, and at times she acted more as my therapist… I am happy to say that my body has finally got it self back on track. 
    — Erin
  • This program changed my life, body, and energy.
    — Melissa
  • I was having trouble sleeping and also had several bouts abdominal pain due to ovarian cysts … my most recent ultrasound showed ZERO evidence of PCOS or any cysts whatsoever. It's all been a journey and I can't wait to see what comes next!
    — Donna
  • Farah is warm and supportive and her knowledge base of a wide variety of approaches and ideologies was very encouraging.
    — Cristin
  • Farah is judgment free!
    — Madison
  • Rather than telling me to change my whole lifestyle, she told me to try to implement small changes one at a time … Farah helped me feel like I had the power.
    — Kayla
  • I felt understood, hopeful, supported, and informed.
    — Sarah
  • With Farah, I had time to ask what I needed to ask.
    — Katie
  • If I want to eat a cupcake after dinner I can absolutely do that!
    — Hannah

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