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Something’s gotta give

Lately, I have been attracting a lot of clients who are having an extremely difficult time prioritizing their health while the world seems to be falling apart. Between jobs being remote or non-existent, forced distance from loved ones, children being home schooled and the ever present fear of contracting corona virus despite all best efforts, […]

I Want it All!

We often have cravings for certain types of food and with reason. Cravings for chips or salty foods might be indicative of low mineral levels in your diet – your body knows that natural salt contains minerals and so tells the brain to ask for it. Cravings for ice cream or butter or fatty things […]

Fruit isn’t making you fat

Many of our food fears are just beliefs about food. We don’t even know why we believe what we believe. A belief is just an idea that has been repeated over and over again. Sadly, because the medical field is quite separate from the nutrition field, your doctor, whom you may trust inherently, might have given you very specious nutritional advice. Or the news offered you something in a sound bite. Or some trainer at the gym. We develop our ideas about what is good for us from a piecemeal compilation of information that comes from people who probably don’t know much about the subject.