Image of a candle that's burnt low and blown out

Something’s gotta give

Lately, I have been attracting a lot of clients who are having an extremely difficult time prioritizing their health while the world seems to be falling apart. Between jobs being remote or non-existent, forced distance from loved ones, children being home schooled and the ever present fear of contracting corona virus despite all best efforts, people feel their plate is full. There is too much to do and think about already, too many fears and anxieties to manage. How can you possibly think about taking care of your body when there are so many other things to think about?

It’s a fair question. We all only have so much bandwidth. Most of us simply do not have any more hours in the day to add in additional responsibilities like exercise or thoughtful grocery shopping to our already packed schedules. Something has to give. But I have to ask: How are you going to get all your stuff done when your body falls apart? Who’s going to take care of that enormous to-do list, the children, your parents, your employees, your customers when your body gives up? What if the thing you gave up on was something besides your health?

What if the thing you gave up on was something besides your health?

Our bodies tolerate a great deal from us. From lack of sleep to highly processed foods, it’s a miracle our bodies do anything we ask them to without protest. And maybe they are protesting in their subtle ways. Are you having more acid reflux or painful gas pains? Is your sleep disturbed and restless? Is your sex drive lousy? Periods painful and irregular? Blood pressure raising? Moody? Cranky? Skin dull and breaking out? Do you have a headache? All of these mild symptoms and more are ways that our bodies cry out for help. They send up a flare. It’s their way of crying, “Please be kinder to me”. Many of us are so focused on the work that has to be done that we ignore the vehicle that’s doing the work.

This machine needs maintenance.

Your amazing heart, mind and soul have jobs to do. This is true and I want very badly for you to do the things you were put on the planet to do. But your heart, mind and soul travel around in a vessel that needs some attention too – maintenance at least, love and tenderness at best. Ask yourself today: “Can anything come off my to do list so that I may make some space, (just a little), to care for my body?” Maybe the answer is “no” right now. That’s possible. But maybe there’s a space for even a tiny bit of “yes” that might come in the form of a meal you make yourself or an hour of additional sleep. You are not being selfish. You are being sensible.

If the idea of creating space for your health seems too daunting or too confusing, let’s talk. I’d like to help you make friends with your body and the food you put in it.